A Circular Design Studio

Round tray Ø27 multi-coloured

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Unique tray in 100% recycled plastic from A Circular Design Studio.

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Unique tray in 100% recycled plastic from A Circular Design Studio.

A Circular Design Studio is an unconventional plastic carpentry that creates interiors, installations and works of art, in 100% recycled plastic, collected from households, nature or companies in Denmark.

Based on strong craft traditions, they have developed a new technique that gives the clearest colors and the highest quality in the products. Quality is the highest priority, so that the products can live on for many years with many different owners or reused in new products.

The unique collection is made with a special technique where scraps are collected and processed through a longer handmade process. All offcuts are sorted by color and cut into smaller pieces. It is then remelted and processed by hand to create the very special expression. The trays are made of 100% recycled plastic, collected in Denmark and handmade in their workshop in Skovlunde.

Since they are made of recycled plastic, they can be used both indoors and outdoors and they can be easily washed up and cleaned after use.

NOTE: Since the products are made of recycled plastic, there will always be air bubbles to a smaller or larger extent.

Measurements: diameter: 27 cm.
Material: 100% recycled plastic
Design: A Circular Design Studio
Model: Circular tray

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